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Let's English📚 I inform how to make "Mentha oil spray"🍃


Let's English!


"Useful Mentha oil"

This is "Mentha oil". Mentha is 「ハッカ」in Japanese. It's likes Mint. or, Is it same?

You can use Mentha oil for insect repellent, bath additive, aroma oil.
It's very versatile and useful, and good smell. I like the smell💗

And then, I inform how to make "Mentha spray".

<You need prepare>
🍃 Mentha oil
🥫 Sprey(vessel)
✚ Ethanol
💧 Pure water

🍃 Mentha oil   10 drop
✚ Ethanol     10ml
💧 Pure water   90ml

This is approximate amount. You can adjust the amount.

So, this is how to make Mentha spray. It's easy, is it ?


You can put in your hand bag and use it anytime, anyware. If you want, try it🍃

<shopping corner>
🍃 Mentha oil     🥫 Sprey(vessel)   ✚ Ethanol